NAITSA Launches New Student Life Website

by | Jul 15, 2020 | News, Uncategorized

By Scott Zielsdorf

NAITSA is creating a new space for students to get involved with school activities. Although the website is still in the works, (Ooks Life) is now officially available for students to explore.

Originally all NAIT campus organizations and events were hosted on a website called Orgsync. Ooks Life is the new, user friendly one stop site for everything pertaining to student life.

This transition has been in the works for a while, which NAITA’s Events Promotions Specialist, Katie Spencer, says is finally coming to fruition with the launch of the new site.

“The Campus Culture department at NAITSA has been working for the last few months…and we’re finally at a place where everything from Orgsync was merged over, we didn’t lose any of that [original] data. It’s all on (Ook’s Life) now,” said Spencer.

As the upcoming fall semester will be almost entirely online, NAITSA has stated they are not planning any in-person events. However, Ooks Life will still be used to promote online events, and provides a way for NAIT’s campus clubs to organize online activities.

Ooks Life also provides an easily accessible one stop site for many student activities. Spencer explains it’s a convenient, more centralized solution that will avoid sending students all over the place.

“All of the information is laid out in front of students, there’s less digging around that they have to do when it comes to finding the information they’re looking for,” said Spencer,

“ is our first step towards implementing the vision of having all that information in one spot.”

The site will also be necessary for students to request their required handbooks for the fall semester, which will be mailed as opposed to an in-person pickup. The online request form is accessible via the Ooks Life website.

NAITSA is dedicated to providing students ways to make their time in school memorable even in difficult times. Plenty of online events and contests are in the works, and details will be released on as they become available.

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