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About NAIT Nugget

The Nugget has been your student newspaper since 1964.

Started as a platform to give NAIT students a voice, The Nugget has been educating and entertaining students with hyperlocal news for over 50 years. We publish 10 print issues a year (September to April) with content continually uploaded on our website and social media year round.

Our Mandate

The Nugget is committed to bringing the NAIT community accurate, fair and truthful news. We do our best to ensure all stories are thoroughly researched, and if we make mistakes, we own them. While the NAIT Students’ Association acts as publisher for The Nugget, they do not control what we write; The Nugget retains full editorial control of and responsibility for the content we publish. We pledge to represent our community by covering the content that matters to you. The Nugget shall deliver news that is not ubiquitous or abundantly available elsewhere, unless it is being covered in a unique way that would be of mass interest to our readership. Furthermore, we believe in providing opportunities for students. The Nugget will continue to create space for students to have a voice, learn new skills, and get involved on campus.

NAIT Nugget Team

Alleah Boisvert


Alleah is a third-year marketing student who has been writing for The Nugget since 2020. She loves Edmonton’s local music scene and learning about niche rock genres. In her spare time, she likes to binge anime with her black cat, Levi.

Zachary Kubusch


Zach is a second semester radio student. After graduation, he aims to become a play-by-play announcer and/or a sports talk personality. Being a sound nerd, he enjoys playing guitar and jamming to all kinds of music. Still, his favourite activity is spending quality time with friends and family. 

Caleb Perreaux


Caleb is in his third semester of the TV program. Always curious and always on the lookout for new stories, he’s been chasing a career in news since graduating high school. When he isn’t writing or editing, he likes to decompress by watching sports, or having a laugh with friends. He also has a semi-healthy obsession with caffeine.

Roy Raphael Navarro


Roy is in his third semester of the Radio and TV program. He loves creating videos and tinkering with music. He also loves to stream video games and whatever on the internet and have fun with his friends!

Michayla Kirsch


Michayla is a second semester radio student. 

Riley Neilson


Riley is a radio student at NAIT on his practicum semester at the Nugget. A sports nerd at heart, he intends to continue his career in sports wherever that journey may take him. When he’s not busy with sports, you can find him playing on his Nintendo Switch. 

Amy St. Amand


Amy is the fearless leader of The Nugget. She makes sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly, including training editors, designing layouts, and recruiting contributors. She runs on iced coffee, cross stitching, and a healthy obsession with all things spooky.