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The Nugget has been the official NAIT newspaper since 1964.

Started as a platform to give the students of NAIT a voice, The Nugget has survived the ever-changing media market and is proving successful while in a revitalization period. With a growing want for accurate, local media, independent student newspapers are becoming more important than ever.

There are 13 issues produced per school year, with thousands of copies strategically distributed across the campus in high-traffic areas. Through social media, and our website, our online engagement has doubled in the last year.

With a team of 9 Student Editors and around 20 contributors, it is clear that student media is alive and well!

Meet the Team

Zachary Flynn

Lead Issues Editor


Zac is a graduate of NAIT’s RATV program and has experience working on professional hockey, basketball, soccer and other live productions. In 2019, he assembled a broadcast team and produced the in-venue and broadcast productions for CBC Gem and the Canadian Elite Basketball League in the Edmonton Stingers’ inaugural season.

Chris Avery

Assistant issues Editor

Chris is an adventurer, a finance major, and enjoys watching the news and practising his French skills whenever he can.  His passion for writing comes from his time in high school and he has carried this with him throughout his young adult life.

Orrin Farries



Orrin is a second year materials engineering technology student. With school sports on the shelf, he is calling an audible, armchair-quarterbacking program features and humor articles for his 4th semester with the Nugget.


Tora Matys

Entertainment Editor



Tora is a recent grad of NAIT’s Radio Program and came back to polish up her business and marketing skills. She’s back for round two as entertainment editor. Tora likes to spend her spare time wisely playing video games (usually Skyrim or Civ6) or with her many pets.



Jared Gomes

Assistant Entertainment Editor


Jared is in the RATV program. Hailing from rural Alberta he is learning about big city living, cooking, high tech wizardry, and hopes to find success as a voice actor. In his free time Jared can be found composing his own music, watching the newest anime or playing the greatest hit game.


Filza Khan

Social Media Editor


Filza is excited to join The Nugget team as the online social media editor! She is currently in her 3rd semester in the NAIT Radio and television program. When she’s not working Filza is watching many films & also trying her best to attempt Tik Tok dances. 

Stephanie Swensrude

Video Journalist

After a semester off from NAIT to work at CBC, Stevie is returning to the Television program, and to the Nugget for a second time to work as a video journalist. She likes to write about queerness, inequality, lifestyle and culture.

Dustie Rose

Marketing and Sales Coordinator


Dustie is in her third year of BBA Marketing. When she isn’t busy playing referee with her three children, you can find her hooked up to a caffeine IV or entertaining a crowd. She likes breaking new heights, even if it is her bones playing softball.



Kallandra Weatherbee



Kallandra is an upcoming RATV graduate. She also works part time at Sephora as a makeup artist. When not working she can be found outside with her rescue dog or curled up with cats watching The Office, Friends, or Community. 



Shawna Bannerman



Shawna graduated from the Graphic Communications program in 2018 and returned to NAIT to head the media and design. When not leading the students, you’ll find her building her own business Everpressed Jewellery.


Nicole Murphy



Nicole Murphy is passionate about the power of story and the role it plays in all of our lives. With almost a decade of experience in media, Nicole has created a non-fiction web series, worked on dramatic movie sets, experienced working at a news station and is currently leading the NAIT Nugget team.



Do you want to be apart of the Nugget team? Check out the NAITSA job openings page to see if there are any available positions, or email the Media Operations Manager, Nicole Murphy for any inquiries at nmurphy@nait.ca.

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