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Nuggets of Truth

The NAIT Nugget Presents:

Nuggets of Truth, where we dig a little deeper to find out the nitty-gritty details about everyday things from our special guests. Each guest has nuggets of knowledge that aim to inform, inspire and invent new perspectives on different topics.

Come for the puns, stay for the truth.

Learning Services: Wendy Marusin
Learning Services: Wendy Marusin
Roy and Allie chat with Learning Services’ Manager, Wendy Marusin, to learn about skiing, incredible initiatives a
February 17, 2023
Culinary Student: Reece Martin
Culinary Student: Reece Martin
Roy and Allie sit down on empty stomachs with culinary student, Reece Martin, to find out what it’s like to travel
February 03, 2023
Marketing Student: Alleah Boisvert
Marketing Student: Alleah Boisvert
Roy and Allie sit down with marketing student, Alleah Boisvert, to discuss how to get a passing mark, what a
January 20, 2023
NAITSA Videographer: Daniel Chamberlin
NAITSA Videographer: Daniel Chamberlin
Roy and Allie chat with NAITSA’s videographer, Daniel Chamberlin, to find out what it takes to make an award-winni
January 06, 2023
Editor-in-chief: Amy St. Amand
Editor-in-chief: Amy St. Amand
Roy and Allie sit down with their boss and editor-in-chief, Amy St. Amand, to find out what she’s like outside of
December 23, 2022
Roy and Allie's final hurrah
Roy and Allie’s final hurrah
Roy and Allie go live On-Air for a reflection on their journeys, a semester recap and a look into the future. List
December 16, 2022
Global Edmonton Journalist: Morgan Black
Global Edmonton Journalist: Morgan Blac…
Roy and Allie have a call with Global Edmonton Journalist, Morgan Black, to find out what it takes to make it in t
December 09, 2022
NAIT Accessibility Coordinator: Gifty Amakye
NAIT Accessibility Coordinator: Gifty A…
Roy and Allie discuss real issues with Accessibility Coordinator, Gifty Amakye. With International Day of Persons
November 25, 2022
NAITSA's VP Internal: Tyleen Saison
NAITSA’s VP Internal: Tyleen Saison
Roy and Allie chat with VP Internal, Tyleen Saison, to find out how to get free stuff, how homeschoolers dominated
November 11, 2022
Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre Manager: Derek Thunder
Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre Manager: Dere…
Roy and Allie get the inside scoop on real problems in aboriginal communities, what it takes to make change, and h
October 28, 2022
NAITSA's VP Academic: Renata Medeiros
NAITSA’s VP Academic: Renata Medeiros
Roy and Allie sit down with VP Academic, Renata Medeiros, to find out what it takes to move to a new country, run
October 14, 2022
Radio and Television Student: Davis Herman
Radio and Television Student: Davis Her…
Roy and Allie chat with THE Caravan King, Davis Herman, to find out about his life before NAIT, what brought him h
September 30, 2022
Mental Health Program Coordinator: Rosie Colangelo
Mental Health Program Coordinator: Rosi…
Roy and Allie sit down with Rosie Colangelo, NAIT’s Mental Health Program Coordinator, to learn about her journey
September 16, 2022