NAIT named a top Alberta employer

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By: Joe Lipovski

For the eighth year in a row, NAIT ranks among the top 75 Alberta employers.

The judges took many factors into consideration when selecting NAIT for the top 75, with one of them being the free use of athletic facilities.

“I am so proud that NAIT has again been named top employer in our province. Our staff truly are essential to the success of our polytechnic. They play an integral role in ensuring the success of our students and industry,” said Dr. Glenn Feltham, NAIT president and CEO.

“NAIT is really good at doing big campus-wide activities and celebrating our students and staff,” said Jennifer Hunszinger, Sessional Mathematics Instructor.

For Hunszinger, the students make working at NAIT great. Hunszinger enjoys the determination and positivity of students and seeing students move on with their academics and careers.

Hunszinger is also passionate about working with the mathematics department at NAIT. She believes that instructors must be able to enjoy their work and be their best self in order to give students top-quality education.

Luc Lefbvre, from the gymnasium-sports equipment centre, started working at NAIT while he was a student, 13 years ago. Lefbvre likes the hands-on approach NAIT has for learning. Lefbvre also said he likes the family-like feel to NAIT and encourages that mentality among the staff of the athletics facilities.

Full-time staff are allowed continued access to NAIT’s athletic facilities, even after the employee retires. Lefbvre says that NAIT has an atmosphere of learning and growth. Not only are students at NAIT there to learn, staff members are also encouraged to learn and grow as well.

“Mental health is a very huge thing for everybody. For NAIT as an institution, creating a good workplace for everybody who’s working here, we can create a good atmosphere for students as well,” said Lefbvre.

As a staff member, Lefbvre likes the fact that NAIT is not like other schools or other employers in general, where your job description is set in stone. He explains that NAIT is flexible and encourages personal growth in its staff and also offers plenty of opportunities to advance.

Photo Source: NAIT

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