YEG Dates On A Budget

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Arts & Life

Now more than ever the struggle is real to keep significant others on their toes for a spectacular date night, especially with a budget. Having a creative mindset is key to figuring out fun date ideas, particularly since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Simple dates on a budget can be romantic and heartfelt.

Skating is an activity that has been quite popular this year, especially at Victoria Park’s outdoor skating rink. Victoria Park has beautiful coloured lights at night and some paths include views of the Legislature. Many other outdoor rinks such as Rundle Park and local community rinks are open and are ready to be perfect date locations, just make sure to bundle up and have a blanket waiting afterward.

The End Of The World (Keillor Point)
What used to be an area where people would get in trouble for trespassing is now a world-renowned tourist attraction. This continues to be a beautiful spot in Edmonton and now with the built-in glass surroundings, it’s a safer option too. Pack some hot chocolate and take a walk down to The End Of The World to watch the sunset with that significant other and enjoy the amazing view.

Grab a toboggan, pack some snow pants and head out to the hills. Rundle and Gallagher Park are two hills that would be perfect places to host a date. Tobogganing isn’t a ‘conventional’ date, but it is a fun one nonetheless. With everything being closed, this is a fun outdoor activity with a bit of a workout in the process.

River Valley Walks
There are lots of wonderful trails all around Edmonton to venture through. This might be seen as more of a ‘summer date’, but bundled up this can be just as exciting during the winter. Walk through the trails at Rowland Park lookout, to get the chance to stop to admire the elegant view of downtown. This is also a prime location for aesthetically pleasing photos of the city skyline.

Car Picnic
Since the snow has fallen, picnics need to be taken inside. Pack some snacks, a blanket and some games, and take a drive around Edmonton to a place with a nice view. You can enjoy the stunning sunsets winter has to offer. Ada Boulevard has a gorgeous view overlooking the river valley. There are lots of spots to park and paths to wander through if a couple is brave enough.

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