A year in review with the Computer Technology Club

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Arts & Life

The Computer Technology Club has made a name for itself on NAIT campus this school year with impactful initiatives and events, helping students connect to the professional world of Information Technology (IT). From industry speakers to hands-on experiences, the club’s endeavors the past two semesters are worth reflecting on. 

One of the most significant events that the Computer Technology Club accomplished this year was the IT Connections career fair on February 15. According to Jaafar Al-Abbasi, the club’s President, IT Connections was “a huge success.”

“It was the biggest event that we had this year,” he said.

The club brought in hiring managers from companies such as Yardstick Technologies and Capital Power to network with NAIT students and graduates. The event served as a gateway for recent graduates to enter the I.T. professional industry with the help of school connections such as the club. IT Connections received positive feedback from the attendees and the participants, which motivated the club to host the event again next year with the help of NAITSA.

Another event is the Speaker Series, which the club brought back for another year after success in the winter 2023 semester. These series had sessions hosted by different industry professionals, offering NAIT students unique opportunities to learn directly from industry experts. What’s unique about this series is that it did not focus on only one branch of IT; It covered as many aspects of the industry as possible to ensure students got an insight into different elements and industry dynamics. 

The club leveraged their existing network and collaborated with instructors to plan speakers for the series. “The instructors obviously come in from industry. They did not start as instructors at the beginning. They used to work. So they have huge connections with industry members. So we contact our instructors and the instructors will talk to industry members and they would reach out to the industry members if they want to come in and teach our students about life in IT,” explained Al-Abbassi.

The club emphasized the importance of building networks and connections. Events like IT Connections and the Speaker Series not only allowed students to secure an interview or possibly a job offer, but also delved into various aspects of the IT industry, including career insights, expectations and strategies for success. These sessions showcased the extensive network the club established within the industry to open doors for other NAIT students.

As the club reflects on the past school year, Al-Abbassi considers the Computer Technology Club’s goals achieved. “We believe that we did succeed this year and accomplished our goal. But next year, we aim to go bigger and may be more involved with students,” Al-Abbassi stated.The Computer Technology Club is already setting its sights on future events, with plans underway for a fundraiser. To stay updated on the latest news and events from the club, students can visit their Ooks Life page. Additionally, students can check out the club’s website and join their Discord server, where students can engage in discussions, seek assistance with homework or projects and exchange extra equipment.

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