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by | May 7, 2024 | Arts & Life

If you are a Pokémon enthusiast, then you may have played Pokémon Go. But hang on – this article isn’t about scavenging the city to find Pikachu and his buddies. It involves ransacking your kitchen for ingredients to whip up something fast and easy. Here’s a list of NAIT student and Nugget editor-approved snacks to pick and choose from when you are feeling hungry and want a quick fix. 

Follow your-gurt-feeling

“I have been eating plain yogurt, with jam and chocolate chips mixed in,” said the Nugget’s senior editor, Alleah Boisvert. Just like her, you can get creative and combine yogurt with condiments of your choice. This serving is fast to make, healthy to take and will not cause a tummy ache. 

An Eggo-nomical delight

I am not waffling around when I say that the Nugget’s online editor Chloe Wong puts marshmallows on top of an Eggo (waffles for the uninitiated) and bakes it. To add a little something extra, she sprinkles cocoa powder on top. This dish is simple, economical and quick for students who are busy with assignments but need something sweet to munch on. 

Tor-tally easy 

The following snack is our video editor Jalyn Dalke’s favorite. She puts cheese on the top and bottom of a tortilla, folds it and puts it in a toaster. Besides editing videos, she has also “edited” this snack by replacing cheese with peanut butter and bananas. According to Dalke, her friend has even tried toasting the tortilla with ham. Depending on your taste buds, you could choose to “go bananas”, “go ham” or get cheesy with this versatile snack. 

By pop-ular demand 

“That’s the best s*** ever,” exclaimed Yusef, a first-year Architecture Technology student. He describes popcorn as the easiest and most versatile snack to work with. Yusef, who is also an ardent Kanye West fan, explained that besides the basic mixture of garlic powder, onion powder and pepper powder, a unique popcorn topping combination to experiment with is a Caribbean mix. It simply involves mixing popcorn with lemon, lime, garlic and your choice of spices. Just like his music taste, you will either love or hate this snack suggestion. 

Flake it till you make it 

Assignments can be dull and can make a student hungry. To spice things up while studying, Arya Mehra, a first-year Business Administration student, gleefully said that he adds chili flakes to plain chips. Depending on your spice tolerance level, add as little or as many chili flakes as you’d like.

And so, whether you are a Pokémon fan or not, treat these ideas like Pokémon and go catch (make) ‘em all.

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