YEG Artist Makes Unique Copper Jewellery With Recycled Materials

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Arts & Life

Hexelheim is a local business that creates jewellery out of unique things.

They use creative materials such as obsidian, hagstones and even coffin nails. They then electroform them to create interesting wearable stories.

“Essentially, I take a DC power supply, chemistry and I would say plate things in copper, but electroforming is a lot thicker than copper. So, it’s like building copper on different things to make jewellery,” said the owner and electroformer of Hexelheim, who goes by Effie.

Local Creates Unique Copper Jewellery With Recycled Materials Hexelheim

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Effie started electroforming professionally about three years ago.

“I never really saw myself making jewellery. I just kind of followed what I really loved doing,” said Effie.
The jewellery that she creates uses unconventional and unique materials that are different from a lot of others out there.

“I’ve always felt really drawn to different symbolism or folk ideas of different objects. So, I have hagstones or coffin nails which usually you wouldn’t see in jewellery, but I really like them and what they symbolize,” said Effie.

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect but Hexelheim was able to succeed and create quality products.

“The biggest help for me in continuing my business and having more confidence in it, was connecting with the local community. They lift you up, they support you and that was the biggest source of confidence for me,” said Effie.

After getting started Hexelheim found its footing and home here in Edmonton.

“Once you get out there and connect to the community, Edmonton is really like a hub for small business and it’s really inspiring just to be around that,” said Effie.

Local Creates Unique Copper Jewellery With Recycled Materials Hexelheim

Supplied photo.

Usually Hexelheim attends a handful of markets every year, one of which is the Witchery Market.

“It’s kind of niche so it’s where I ended up and where I’ve found that I do best,” said Effie.

Recent health restrictions have affected many businesses and Hexelheim is no exception. Despite this Hexelheim has been able to persevere and continue creating and selling their creations.

Effie says there is a market for everything and she encourages anyone who has the ambition to start their own business to go for it.

“It really doesn’t matter what you want to do. There’s a spot and a niche and a community for everything,” said Effie.

You can find Hexelheim on Instagram and on Etsy.

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