Women Weekly: Breaking the Boundaries in Film

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

By Karlie Mickanuik

Tamarra Canu is an Edmonton based cinematographer, director and producer for film and TV. She’s also a NAIT alumnus.

Canu began her journey in the Radio and Television program through the television stream. Although her initial goal was to become an on air personality, she quickly found her love for camera work and began her journey in the film industry.

Canu then became an Associate Producer at CBC Edmonton, but took some time off to pursue a freelance position as a videographer and found her entrepreneurial spirit.

“That’s the beauty of freelance, you always have something on the go,” said Canu.

Canu spoke of her experience working in the film industry as a woman and spoke of the lack of representation of women working behind the camera.

“I would say my experience being a women in film is much like many of the other woman in film,” said Canu. “It’s very similar, I’ll go on set and often I’ll be the only woman on set. Which is really disappointing for me but, things are slowly changing.”

She has a goal to change the gender ratio within the film industry by working with the organization, Girls in Film and TV (GIFT). GIFT aims to teach young girls how to write, shoot and edit their own films.

“I learned very quickly that GIFT was not just an opportunity for women to learn film but it was also an opportunity for women like myself to meet other women in the industry,” said Canu.

Canu’s latest project is called “Big things, Small towns”, which is a six part series with CBC Arts. The five minute shorts highlight unique and record-setting sized objects as well as bizarre tourist stops in small towns all across Alberta.

The shorts are now available and can be found on CBC Arts YouTube channel.

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