Where is Don Iveson’s birth certificate? – SATIRE

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Born in St. Albert on May 30, 1979, our mayor is NOT a natural-born Edmontonian and therefore, unfit to run our city!

How could someone born nearly 20 whole kilometres from Edmonton City Hall possibly understand the needs of a community they have only lived in for over 75 per cent of their life?

‘Birther theorists’ have gotten a bad name ever since Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and I’m sick of having my beliefs dismissed after Obama’s Hawaiian-birth was proven real.

So, I’m here to demonstrate to the uneducated, ignorant people, the dangers of having a mayor born outside the City of Champions.

– Jory Proft

Note: That was a preview of an article from our satire issue of The Nugget, The Fugget. If you enjoyed this, read the full article on Sept. 13.

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