What’s the shit-uation?

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Arts & Life

NAIT has a “shit-uation” on its hands, according to a Reddit post in r/NAIT from October. The post, titled “Learn how to use a bathroom,” describes the lack of bathroom hygiene from NAIT students, with many commenters agreeing. In no particular “odour,” here are a few tips to keep you in the “loo-p” and to remind you to use the toilets with purpose.

Flush, what’s the rush?

Most of us are in a hurry from one class to another. With our minds and legs running wild, we may forget to flush. Slowing down, checking and being aware of your surroundings will do everyone a big favour. Trust me, no one wants to relive what you’ve relieved. 

Shoot before you scoot! 

Taking the piss can be both metaphorically and literally annoying if you miss the point. For the gentlemen, maybe a basketball analogy will help. I’m no Steph Curry, but here’s a “3-pointer.” Aim, release, shoot and URINE (you’re in, get it?!)—and if for some reason you still miss the target, please be responsible and clean up! Leaving a mess may piss off many, especially the cleaners who work to ensure the toilets at NAIT are hygienic. 

Tissue is an issue! 

There are a few issues with tissues here at NAIT. First, the garbage bins in the bathrooms have mouths that are wide open. Please throw your used tissues into them. As simple as it may sound, there’s still lots of paper towels and toilet paper lying around the bathroom floors, begging to be dumped into these bins. 

Let me illustrate the second issue with a joke. What are the similarities between nature’s call and a paper towel dispenser? They both come out automatically and using force is detrimental. 

There’s no need to tug at the automatic paper towel dispensers; wave your hand or gently pull and they’ll come out naturally. A few seconds of patience will do good to both your body and the containers.

Smoke and go broke

Using the toilet normally involves the use of two orifices, NOT three! Don’t smoke, vape, or light anything else up in the toilets! “Smoke and go broke” might seem like an exaggeration, but a peace officer will certainly give you a $300 dollar or more ticket if you’re caught smoking in toilets! And if you’re not already aware, NAIT has a Smoke-Free Campus policy that prohibits smoking, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and similar products on all of its facilities. My advice is to use NAIT as an acronym to constantly remind yourself not to smoke in toilets. Always remember: Never Ash In Toilets.

I sincerely hope these toilet etiquette tips “sink” in and help you deal with your toilet issues.

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