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Like most college students, you probably know what it feels like to be confused about when certain assignments are due. The best way to keep your assignments (and your entire post secondary life) organized is with an app called iStudiez Pro. iStudiez Pro can help easily distracted college students stay focused on what they need to know. It comes with a built-in class planner to help you keep your different classes separate from each other. When you’re adding classes and setting up your schedule for the semester, you can set which instructors are in that class, their contact information and whether you’re in a lab or lecture on a particular day. This functionality also works two ways with the calendar on your device. Events from those calendars show up in iStudiez (if you want them to) and you can even set it so that your classes show up in your normal calendar’s app. This is great for visualizing when you have free time. In the past, when my instructor gave out an assignment, I would quickly write it down on a sheet of scrap paper which I lost by the end of the day. Now, I quickly type it into this app because it tracks your assignments. When you get an assignment, you can assign an importance level, due date, class and any partners you have for the project, as well as notes on the assignment. I use this functionality in conjunction with Moodle so that I get notified before the assignment is due with ample time to finish it.

Included with iStudiez Pro is a feature called Cloud Sync and, as you can tell by the name, it syncs your data (classes, assignments, instructors, etc.) across all your devices with iStudiez
Pro. Personally, I like being able to quickly note an assignment on my phone, then be able to add more detail to it when I’m on my computer. One thing that bugs me about the app is the fact that
when you mark an assignment as done, it automatically asks you for the grade you got on it. If your instructors are like mine, they take their time marking assignments. After a little bit of looking,
I found that you can turn off grade tracking, so I did that.


iStudiez Pro can be the solution you’re looking for to keep your college life organized and on track. Although there are some negatives, I think that this is a great app for any college kid. It is available on iOS, Mac and Windows devices for $3.49, $11.99 and $13.70 respectively. You can also download a free version to try it out. Visit www.istudentpro.com for a complete list of features.

Kyle Matz

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