UK artist finds passion in YEG

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By Larissa Northof


A local artist captures live events on canvas, and you can view her work February 24 at River City Events.

Katie Cunningham is a full-time artist behind Intoxicated Art. She has been selling her paintings for over 10 years in various live events and art shows. She specializes in live paintings for any event you can think of. Her most common gig is live painting at weddings. Within about four hours, she will paint your first dance, portrait or a ceremony scene. She is a lovely spectacle for elegant live entertainment at any event.

If you just would like a funky piece for your home, she will set up a consultation to match your home décor. One of her top requests, and personal favourites, are pet paintings.

Katie also paints landscapes, portraits and much more. She holds her art to very high standards and will only give a client her artwork when she is positive they will love it.

Katie hails from England and moved to Edmonton when she was twelve with her father. She has always loved creating, but really found her passion for art in junior high school. Ever since then, she has grown and become a well-known artist sensation. Her work is also popular in England and Australia.

Katie finds her inspiration and focus by taking regular trips to galleries, along with listening to Beyoncé or audio books. Her preferred painting medium is usually acrylic or water colour. Some of her first paintings were of wine bottles; hence the name “Intoxicated Art.”

“Art is art,” said Katie. “No one can tell you what art is supposed to look like. There is no right or wrong with art.”

She encourages young aspiring artists to do their best and love what they create. You can see her work at, on her Facebook and Instagram pages @IntoxicatedArt or at Rogers Place casino.


Photo Provided by Intoxicated Art (Katie Cunningham)

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