Traveling Book Truck Continues Story as Whimsical Brick-and-Mortar Shop

by | May 11, 2021 | Arts & Life

Daisy Chain Book Co., Edmonton’s newest indie bookstore, has planted itself in a permanent space after running as a mobile bookshop for two and a half years.

Brandi Morpurgo, Daisy Chain’s owner, travelled to markets and events in her book truck before opening the shop last October.

The truck had many followers, but Alberta’s weather didn’t fare well for the integrity of the books during colder months. Morpurgo jumped on the opportunity to open a shop near the 124th Street community, a familiar spot close to her heart.

“When I was 19, I used to work at the coffee shop here in high street before it was a Starbucks, it was called Grab a Java […], so I worked there for a couple of years, and I lived a block away […]. My husband and I got married a block away from here, and I had my hair done for the wedding across the street. This whole area was so nostalgic and special to me, and it just feels like home,” said Morpurgo.

From curated playlists to meticulous book placements throughout the vibrant daisy-coloured shop, Morpurgo takes pride in an atmosphere set to help people feel at home.

“It’s like setting the table for guests. You do all the work, do the food prep, prep all the things for the meal, set the table, get it ready, and then [guests] come, and they get to feed into the satisfaction you have. They get to come to your table and enjoy it. It’s the same feeling having people come in here and enjoy the store,” said Morpurgo.

Daisy Chain Book Truck Co.

Photo by Alleah Boisvert

The shop offers delivery services for their new and gently used books, a book club, and a podcast hosted by Morpurgo, who constantly engages with her community and fellow bookworms.

“We’re just literally tucked away down here in this happy little retro spot. The shelves change all the time. We’re doing a young readers program in May, which is fun. We’re always going to be keeping things fresh, and I have a very long list of plans and ideas,” said Morpurgo.

Tucked away in a cozy lower level alley off 125th Street and 102 Ave, Daisy Chain Book Co. is a memorable and safe spot for readers. Morpurgo, a former social worker and foster parent, shares her warmth, empathy, and listening ear with her customers.

“I think people underestimate the fact that in a bookstore, we have a bar mentality. So, people come in, and they share their hearts, they share their struggles, they share challenges. There are tears in the store every week. I think because it’s a safe place for people to come and they can just lay that stuff out,” said Morpurgo.

Readers can learn more about Daisy Chain Book Co. and all it offers by visiting their website or following their Instagram.

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