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The fine constabularies of Sunnyvale Trailer Park took over the Nest last Thursday. Trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey and his associate supervisor (and part-time lover) Randy Bobandy brought their shirtless, whiskey drinking, pot smoking, foulmouthed live routine to NAIT courtesy of NAITSA.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Lahey and Bobandy are characters from the Netflix comedy Trailer Park Boys, played by John Dunsworth and Patrick Roach.

“I’m the winner of Trailer Park Supervisor of the year,” Lahey proclaimed after entering to raucous applause. “That’s the International Association of Trailer Park Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors.”

He then gestured to Bobandy, who came out wearing a buttoned-up shirt hiding his famously orbital gut, which has become a defining feature of his character. Bobandy went on to describe how the stuck-ups (he used a slightly more abrasive term) at NAIT wouldn’t let him take it off. However, after some gentle prodding from Lahey, the shirt came off to thunderous approval from the crowd.

The show featured two hours of outrageous and politically incorrect humour. The duo performed in front of a menagerie of toys and props laid out on a table behind them, frequently utilizing both them and the audience. One prop, which they apparently sell on a website somewhere, wasn’t much more than a garbage bag with a clear window attached. Lahey kindly asked the audience if anyone had any materials to smoke, at which point one man dashed out to his car and returned with some kind of substance rolled into a tiny slip of paper. Lahey then went on to trumpet how his creation allows him to smoke inconspicuously anywhere he wants, such as on a plane for instance.

The event, which began at 4:30 in the afternoon, packed the Nest to capacity and some people even resorted to watching through the windows in the hall outside. Trailer Park Boys has acquired a massive Canadian fan base. It first aired in 2001 on Showcase and enjoyed a seven-season run, with the addition of a feature length movie before being dropped by Showcase. However, the show’s popularity continued and after another feature film, it was revived by Netflix. The stage shows began after the original airing of Trailer Park Boys finished and helped contribute to its continued popularity. There is also one featuring Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, the show’s primary antagonists.

“I’ve been watching Trailer Park Boys forever,” said Lee Horton, a fourth year Business student attending the show. “They’re pretty much exactly what you would expect after watching the show!”

The crowd then joined Lahey and Bobandy in a rousing rendition of “Oh Canada,” which can be seen on NAITSA’s Instagram page. The performance was likely the raunchiest on NAITSA’s event calendar. NAITSA’s next offering is guided meditation sessions running on Monday at 12:30 in WA-212. These sessions, guided by NAIT’s Buddhist chaplain, should offer a slightly more relaxing atmosphere.

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