The Summer Soundtrack

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By: Theron Hogg

“I Want To Break Free” – Queen
It’s a little obvious, but it’s also a fantastic song. Summer is all about new adventures, new loves and forgetting about school, even if it’s just for a little while. So take a minute and enjoy a solid song by a legendary band. It’s upbeat, it’s classic, it’s Queen. What more could you ask for?


“The Hit” – TWRPThis song has some rad as hell 80s synth vibes and it’s always nice to see good stuff like this come from a Canadian band. Another amped up song about love, but with more guitar solos. The full album: 2nite, is actually a really fun listen, check it out if you get the chance.

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“Disco Descent” – Danny BaranowskyThe first instrumental of the shuffle, and man does it slap. It’s like if somebody put a soundtrack to choke slamming a werewolf on top of a cathedral. It’s a friggin great song for getting your energy back after the long comedown from final tests.

“Honeybee” – Steam Powered Giraffe
Keeping it slow with another love song. Honeybee is a good song to forget yourself to with beautiful harmonies from all of the band members, and a weird but sweet steampunk aesthetic. Just let yourself go, and fall into a musical world of love and turpentine.

“Neon Night” – Michael Salvatori
Another instrumental! This one is a more somber tone to it though. It’s got a lot of weird synths and even some smooth jazz. It kind of feels like walking down Mainstreet
in the dead of night, no cars, no people. Just you, the street lights, and a world of possibilities.


“Something About Us” – Daft Punk
One more slow jam for summer. The song is smooth, jazzy, and beautifully tragic. It’s like saying goodbye to a best friend or letting love go even if it hurts. There needed to be at least one sad song on the shuffle, and it balances it’s tone with some bumping tunes.

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“The Ecstasy of Gold” – Ennio Morricone
Now we come to the build up. The gradual rise, The lone gunman riding into town to face the bandits, the student getting ready for another semester of school. It’s hard not to feel ready for anything after this song. Just give it a listen, you’ll staring into the sunset like Clint Eastwood before you know it.



“Holding Out for a Hero” – Bonnie Tyler
An absolute classic song! It slaps harder and harder every time you listen to it. It’s the perfect song for getting amped up to, singing and dancing like nobody’s watching. If you haven’t heard this song yet then do yourself a favour and listen to it… ASAP.



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“Hammer To Fall” – Queen
As the shuffle starts with Queen, so to must it end with Queen. We end it out with a song about living in an era or place where we feel like we have no control about the world around us. But there’s comradery in that feeling, and there’s strength in that comradery. So take this pop song and remember your voice is louder than you might think.

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