The Shuffle: The Ballad Of Boogie Muggins

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By Orrin Farries
Sports Editor

“New Lands” – Justice
Any good story starts with a triumphant rise to the fore of the journey to come. Like Frodo being propositioned by Gandalf, or Scott Pilgrim realizing his new girl has some uncomely baggage. This song slaps feelings into my soul. I hope it does the same for you.

“Leave a Trace” – CHVRCHES (Goldroom Remix)
A call to action for men everywhere to be soldiers of chivalry, this song is a source of great power. Lauren Mayberry’s voice is a beacon of hope for those whose light may shine a little less bright in the current sociological climate.

“Highest in the Room” – Travis Scott
The ballad of Boogie Muggins wouldn’t be complete without a song to get the listener up for some shenanigans and perhaps a tinkle of chicanery.

“Cars” – Gary Numan
I can’t hear this song and not think of the episode of the British comedy, The Mighty Boosh, where Noel Fielding’s character bounces gleefully to this iconic alt-pop tune by Gary Numan. Feels good to feel safe in my car.

“Bullets” – Wild Child
Kelsey Wilson’s voice is a soft smooth stencil of imagination atop this folksy pop melody that brings me calm.

“She Moves” – Alle Farben ft. Graham Candy
This song takes me back to my time in Germany, the love I felt, the experiences that opened up my senses, and the determination that allowed me to perservere through the greatest injury of my life (at the time, so far)

“Mama’s Gun” – Glass Animals
The chorus to this song echoes “in the summer silence, I was getting violent,” which in a very surreal way paralleled my summer of 2017 when the Universe had me on death’s list, but I said “fuck you” to the reaper.

“Don’t Lose Your Steam” – Gregory Porter (Fred Falke Extended Remix)
If you don’t get up to this song, then you need to have a serious re-evaluation of your relationship with music. Brash funk, smooth crooning voice, and a bopping rhythm, this song is lyrically and sonically complete with a message to keep your head up when the world tries to beat you down.

“Drift” – Tides of Man
The climactic piece de resistance of this playlist. This instrumental track from Tides of Man will build you up until you break out of your shell. Rage on my friends.

“Welcome Home, Son” – Radical Face
What a fitting way to end this playlist, with an up and down tune that echoes both the morose nature of homecoming with the exuberance that is felt when one does come home. Let this one sink in with eyes closed and a mind ready to wander.

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