The Shuffle: Fall Fresh Start

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Entertainment

September means something different for everyone. It could be an opportunity to start new, almost like a New Years Day for students. It could also be a solemn time when students think about the end of summer, but the sight and smell of changing leaves and fun campus welcome-back events make up for it. Happy September!

September by Earth, Wind & Fire
September marks the start of a warm, promising fresh start for some and is their favorite time of year. This song mentions dancing in September, where “golden dreams were shiny days.” September 21 is the last day of summer and signifies the transition into fall.

This is the Day by The Thes
This optimistic song would play in an 80s indie film as the sun rises after the main character achieves something extraordinary. English post-punk band The Thes created the perfect tune for walking to school in the morning on the very first day. It’s too easy to hum along to happily.

We’re Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes
Arguably a perfect song for this edition of The Shuffle, We’re Going To Be Friends has become iconic since it was released in 2002 and brought the innocent feel of early school days with a simple tune and sweet lyrics. Third Man Records even released a children’s book based on the song in 2017.

The Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine
Dog days refer to blisteringly hot summer days, specifically after the annual period where Sirius, the dog star, rises. The record-breaking heatwave in Edmonton this summer indeed was the mark of the dog days.

Think About Things by Daoi Freyr
This smoothly harmonized electronic bop has the same vibe as having a secret school crush: getting stuck
with them for a semester and finding out what they think about life through having 8 a.m. classes together twice a week. From reading the lyrics, it’s easy to imagine a dreamy scenario where assigned seats allow for a bit of bonding on a romantic level.

Daydreaming by Paramore
The return of school in September often makes for some pretty solid daydreaming while walking across campus and looking at all the fall colours. Ironically, Paramore left middle school to go on a tour in 2003. That feat must have taken a lot of daydreaming while sitting through middle school math lectures, and it paid off with songs like this one.

Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield
This song from Mayfield’s debut solo album “Curtis” has been sampled numerous times in modern music. Although “Move On Up” was written in the 70’s, it’s impeccable style and R&B sound is timeless and holds up as a powerful and inspiring ballad today.

New Perspective by Panic! At the Disco
Not only is this song undeniably catchy, its music video perfectly fits the theme of back to school. Lead vocalist Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith walk through the halls of a high school, and all sorts of chaos unfold. Panic! also wrote this sensual song for the cult-classic high school film Jennifer’s Body in 2009.

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