The Blue Revue is back

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Vue Weekly is set to hold The Blue Revue: Dirty Film Festival, an event showcasing amateur adult short films at the Metro Cinema on Sept. 5th.

The Blue Revue is made up of Canadian films under 10-minutes that can include themes such as: “sexy ghosts, puppets, gay bears, a plethora of animated penises, horny penguins and oversized male nipples,” says the event’s submission guidebook. The audience votes on their favourite lm and the top three selections receive cash prizes.

The idea for the festival was conceptualized to forward the sex-positivity movement in Alberta in a fun, controlled setting. The Edmonton event was inspired by other indie-porn festivals such as Dan Savage’s HUMP! Festival – a gathering that began in 2005, that now has plans in 2019 to tour to 50 cities throughout the US and Canada to share the short lms.

Although not as big as HUMP!, The Blue Revue is in its ninth season and the tickets sales have been consistently increasing.

“There are local comedians, sex workers, performance artists, musicians, and run-of-the-mill people – it’s all kinds of people [who submit films],” said Beau Creep, an MC for the festival.

Due to the vulnerable, personal nature of these films, the event follows a strict ‘what happens here, stays here’ policy. All movies are destroyed after showing and there is no photography or media coverage (so don’t hold your breath for The Blue Revue Review article).

“Society is not all that accepting of sex and nudity. [By keeping it private] there’s no strings attached. People won’t have to worry about these videos ending up on the Internet, or their careers being threatened. It really is freedom of expression without concerns for ramifications,” said Beau Creep.

Despite challenges with gaining traction with the event due to the province’s conservative roots, Creep believes the messages of sex-positivity and consent are being well-received within the community.

“As a society, we’re really trying to step away from the stigma of sex and sex- uality. It’s also a really a great opportunity to reinforce the consent-culture [by showing these films in a safe environment],” said Creep.

For a chance to see the only public screenings of these adult films, you can buy tickets at

– Jory Proft


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