Tales of the list-keeper: 5 local shops to fuel your Halloween horror

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Arts & Life

Shadows grow longer as Halloween’s approach rises,
the veil between worlds grows thin and demises.
The demons and vampires begin to grow their lust,
you can aid them or turn them into dust.
Many of these items can be found in a shop’s keep,
so make haste before evil leaps.
But reader beware,
you are about to acquire some scares.

Perhaps you wish to summon an undead zoo…

The Edmonton Book Store (10533 82 Ave NW) 

Don’t creep by this shop without wandering in! This small bookstore on Whyte Ave specializes in rare and out-of-print books. They typically have at least one of the classics in stock: the Book of Shadows, the Necronomicon or Voodoo for Dummies. If controlling a herd of zombie animals is not your thing, you could always find an accounting textbook, the scariest book out there.

Perhaps you need to find an enchanted costume to aid you…

Theatre Garage (3711 98 St NW) 

This independent costume shop is the perfect place to rent or buy this year’s spine-tingling Halloween costume or accessory to complete your spooky ensemble. Make sure you go on a day when the devil is off, or you might need to do more than just summon a lawyer to get you out of that costume rental contract. 

Perhaps you need good treats to keep away evil tricks…

Carol’s Quality Sweets Ltd. (12519 102 Ave NW) 

Carol’s Quality Sweets is a family-owned business known for stocking hard-to-find chocolate bars. The walls are not made of gingerbread; the chance of a wicked, children-eating witch working there is low. If you need a bribe to keep away all the fae for good, buy some candy here, as it offers excellent quality and selection. It is common knowledge that only quality sweets keep the fairies away, or they might pull out your teeth instead. 

Perhaps you want to cast spells and turn enemies into ticks…

The Witchery (TheWitchery.ca) 

This online-only, Edmonton-based store specializes in witchcraft supplies. If you ever need to buy reagents to repel dark forces, or wish to cast a protection spell or blessing to get through a final exam (your worst nightmare) this woman-owned business is your one-stop witch shop. The owner used to live in a haunted house as a child, so she is familiar with the occult.

Perhaps you only want to watch a horror movie about a werewolf flu…

The Lobby (10815 82 Ave NW)  

If the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride across the full moon, you might need something to do while waiting for humanity to end. Why not rent a movie? Edmonton’s last video rental store offers a wide selection of obscure horror films. Many of them you will never find on streaming services. I suggest renting the Ginger Snaps trilogy, filmed in and around Edmonton, about a high school student with a case of lycanthropy. 

Visit one of these spooky local shops before the next season renews, or may there always be pebbles in your shoes!

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