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On a calm, relaxing evening, Adriel enjoys a romantic night out with his
girlfriend under the stars. When asked where he had met his lover of three years, Adriel replied with a smooth tone and a hint of sarcasm: “We met in math class at the U of A, and it wasn’t easy to sweep this one off [her] feet. I had to kind of read her, you know? Let her know what I was about before closing in. I was smooth about it … we’ve been together since.”

But being together comes with its own set of challenges. Trying to make plans can be a difficult endeavour; whatever the plans may be. Plans to go out on the town? Plans to stay at school? Plans to take a road trip to Never Never Land? Adriel’s been on the grind to spend time with his better half and make her happy since, with everything from romantic nights out on the town to Friday movies.

Couples are strutting their stuff together all throughout Edmonton, and they appear to be genuine. It doesn’t look like they’re just posing; like they’re pretending or that they have to constantly be together to be seen as a real
couple. So then why was it when I asked other couples here on campus if the men had plans to do something with their girlfriends, there was no response?

When I asked the guys in one of the computer rooms, ‘When the weather’s nice out, why don’t you go for a stroll with your girlfriend in the park, linked arm-in-arm?’ Again, no response. The short answer to this is simply because exams are drawing near and these individuals need time to study.

These individuals are in a constant struggle, battling to get good grades, starving or fasting to reap the marks they rightly deserve for their hard work; to one day get that degree or diploma. Marks that they can say they’ve earned.

With the semester coming to an end, maybe students will have some more time to look for love. Every day, students are one step closer to the day where they’ll find the one they love; someone they can talk to and discover one another, grow on each other and move forward through their journey in life.

School can be difficult for many, especially for those who already have other stresses and concerns. The time a couple has for each other during their busy schedules is precious. So many things can get in the way of a couple spending time together, be it studying for an exam, preparing research projects or just trying to relax and take the stress out of that ol’ word ‘study’.

So, are you worried about your grades?

As the semester begins to close in, maybe reconsider when to go out on a date. At least the winter break is right around the corner.

– Timothy Remin

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