Surprising Things That Have Kept Me Going During The Pandemic

by | May 26, 2020 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

By Karlie Mickanuik

Man and woman pose while skateboarding

Mickanuik and her partner Eli | Photo via Karlie Mickanuik

During this pandemic, one of the things I’ve realized about myself is how much I appreciate the little things in life. Even the smallest things made me feel okay during a time when everything in the world really wasn’t. I’m sharing a few things that kept me motivated, sane and alive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plant Pets
I treat my plants like I would treat a pet. I think of how many would treat their dog or cat. I have named them all, have a routine everyday for watering and know what they like, be it watering technique or amount of sun. I have become attached to them and love them as I would love a pet. Ask any pet owner and they will most likely gush about their furbaby and it is obvious that pets become a sense of purpose for people. It’s nice to know something needs you. Sadly, I cannot have a cat or dog in my apartment, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding a sense of purpose. My plants are more helpless then any pet and during self-isolation I knew I had to be motivated enough to keep them alive. Even if I did absolutely nothing the rest of the day, I felt okay because at least I watered my plants.

Working On My Bucket List
Crossing things off my bucket list was not something I thought would happen during this pandemic. Nothing crazy like spending a month in Ireland, but I managed to scratch off a bunch of little things off my list. I played Dungeons & Dragons for the first time, rode a skateboard and began playing piano again. These are all small tasks, but I realized they brought me joy and helped me pass the time when I couldn’t be at school or see friends or even go to work. It was nice to have hobbies again which is something I really appreciate now that I am back at work. After a long day it’s nice to just cruise on a skateboard for a couple minutes and clear your head.

I have never been one to say that I’m good at cooking but quarantine changed that for me. Although my partner has only instilled me with the title of sous-chef in the kitchen, I can say I have improved. My diet no longer only consists of Kraft Dinner cups and ramen noodles. I am branching out farther than I ever thought I would.

Self-isolation has not been an easy time but I am trying to find the positives and focus on them. It is hard and I often catch myself only remembering the negative parts of my day but even finding one positive thing every day has made self-isolation just the littlest bit easier.

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