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by | May 1, 2023 | Arts & Life

Financial burdens are some of the most pressing issues for students in any program. Tuition, facility fees and classroom resources throughout semesters can often add up to a substantial fee by the end. Making money during the summer is one way to alleviate this burden. These job openings provide exciting ways to spend time making connections and currency.

Administrative Assistant (Fort Edmonton Foundation)

Starting with an hourly rate of $20/hr, this opening already ticks a few boxes. It is a 16-week position running from May to August 2023. It requires 40 hours per week, a 15 to 30-year age range and Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, or a protected person status. You must be entitled to work in Canada. 

Fort Edmonton Foundation is a charity organization that operates closely with Fort Edmonton Park. This job favours computer skills, including but not limited to data entry, typing reports, online communications, digital file organizing skills and online meetings. Part of the job also heavily relies on leadership and accountability. Students should expect to assist in planning events, carrying out events and programs, communication development and much more.

This opportunity closes on May 15th, 2023, and only one candidate will be chosen; but the search continues.

Fundraiser (Fort Edmonton Foundation)

Just like the Administrative Assistant position, this Fundraiser position is a $20/hr opening that demands much of the same requirements as the former; the only difference is that this requires research capabilities in terms of interpreting data and using various tools to improve fundraising methods. This position also involves sales proficiency. 

The deadline is also May 15th, 2023, with only one open role to fill. 

Peer Recruitment Assistant (NAIT)

Having the desire to assist in the guidance of prospective NAIT students that are unsure about programs and have numerous questions regarding the institution is a great position for a current NAIT student. 

For $18.74 to $24.38 per hour, a NAIT student enrolled in the Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 terms is expected to assist in the NAIT website and social media platforms and interact with future students through live chat, virtual or in-person open houses and events. 

Skills expected for this position include computer proficiency, communication, basic NAIT campus knowledge, public speaking and leadership. 

Places to Look 

NAIT Career Connect 

If you’re wondering about other summer jobs, head to your student portal to visit NAIT’s Career Connect page. This website includes job postings, resources to boost your resume and even tools to practice interviews. 


This is another great resource if you’re looking for on-campus jobs. NAITSA hires for lots of different student jobs, including Peer Supporter (still open!), Service Hub Assistants, and even jobs at the Nugget! 

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