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– Spencer Shortt

Let’s face it. Being a student is expensive. You’ve got tuition to pay, rent to come up with and loans to pay off, let alone all the groceries and services you can’t live without. Sometimes coming up with the extra cash to pay for your various amenities can be tough. Here are 3 services that you’re probably already using that you can get a great discount on right now.

Spotify/Apple Music

Who doesn’t love a good jam? No, not the kind you spread on toast with butter, the kind you dance embarrassingly to in your kitchen while wearing nothing but your underwear (is that just me?). These jams can be yours for only $4.99 a month with a student subscription to either Spotify or Apple Music- a whole 50% less than a normal subscription. You’ll get all the same features, all the same great songs you love and all of the new exciting music being added every day for the same price as a value meal at McDonalds. This is a deal that every student should take advantage of.

Amazon Prime

Let’s face it. If my landlord told me he’d either cancel my water, power or Amazon Prime membership, I’d tell him to cancel the first two. You can order water and batteries on Amazon. Without getting too much into Jeff Bezos’ plan for world domination, I’d be hard pressed to not suggest you get yourself a subscription. Not only is it only $40 a year, it offers a plethora of services that can replace some more expensive alternatives.

Prime Video offers a Netflix-like streaming service with a variety of shows ranging from Parks and Recreation to House M.D. at a fraction of the cost. Prime Music is a great, albeit lacklustre alternative to Spotify or Apple Music— and did I mention free two-day shipping on anything with a Prime certification? Yeah. Amazon is the best.


Do you want to go see the newest InsertGenericSuperHeroMovieHere when it comes out in theatres, but can’t seem to afford spending $2,600, your left arm and your first born son to get tickets? NAITSA has the solution for you! With goodies ranging from $10 Cineplex tickets to $40 all-day passes to West Edmonton Mall’s Waterpark and Galaxyland, NAITSA ensures you can have a fun-packed weekend on a budget.

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