Starting up your home grow

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By: Michael Colvin

In this article you’re going to learn the simple steps it takes to set up a small-scale greenhouse in your home to grow vegetables…or maybe something more recently made legal.

The first thing you need is a room or a tent to grow inside. Ordering a small grow tent online is the easiest way to get this started. Nothing smaller than 4 ft wide, 4 ft tall and 2 ft in depth. Remember these plants can get quite large.

Next, you need a light. You can grow marijuana under any light you want. To get the best results though, you would need a light with at least 1000 watts. I personally chose to grow with LED lights because they draw less power. Many growers chose to use high-pressure sodium because they say it produces larger buds. The type of light you use is completely up to you. Just remember to keep 1000 watts or stronger.

Third, you need an air filter system. This will consist of some dryer vent tubing or ducting, a 4 inch vent fan and a carbon filter. Again, this can all be ordered online and usually comes as a kit.

Next, you will need to decide whether to grow the plants in soil or hydroponically (grown in water with no soil). There are other ways to grow, but these are the most common ways. I have been growing in soil since I started and the results have been great. A friend of mine grows hydroponically, and his results have also been great, but he has to spend a lot of time tending to the plants.

The advantage of growing hydroponically is that it can be grown, flowered and cropped out faster than soil. The con to this system is you are constantly checking your water systems. You need to make sure the pH of the water is corrected all the time and constantly swap out your water while making sure your nutrient levels stay topped up.

For the soil system, the biggest disadvantage is your garden in more susceptible to pests. The pro for this system is you don’t have to constantly make sure your plants are being fed. You can water your plants every second day with a fair bit of water and nutrients and basically walk away until the next watering.

You also have to decide whether you would like to grow in plastic buckets or fabric pales. Try to stick with the fabric pales because they allow air to flow through the soil to the roots of your marijuana plant. If you decide to buy the plastic buckets because it’s way cheaper just make sure you drill a bunch of holes in the bottom and around the sides. So those roots still get the air they need.

Finally, you need to acquire seeds or clones. They have started selling seeds at all local dispensaries and online dispensaries as well. When you buy seeds make sure they are feminized so you don’t just end up growing more seeds. If you know someone who is already growing I suggest you talk to them about getting some clones. Remember the growing community is large and full of friendly individuals who just want you to get the best crop-out possible.

Photo courtesy of CTV News

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