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The YEG music scene introduces dozens of local stars to the world every year. One of the brightest up-and-coming stars in Edmonton is Posy Jay. A graduate of Victoria School of the Visual and Performing Arts, Posy jumped right into her career as a musician upon graduating. Only 19, this young songwriter has spent the last year performing across Edmonton, everywhere from The Needle Vinyl Tavern to Big Valley Jamboree.

“I took a singing lesson when I was five years old and ever since then I knew that this is what I wanted to do,” she said.

When asked to describe her music, Posy laughed and struggled to give an answer. “I really don’t know … that’s a hard question. Well, I’m a songwriter and I guess indie-pop would be how most would classify my music.”

Why should you take the time to check out Posy Jay? “I feel like what makes me stand out the most is I write all my own songs and I really believe that what I write is relatable – does that make me sound cocky?”

Her defining trait, besides the child-like smile that rarely leaves her face, is an unwavering belief in herself. When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, Posy described her dream of not only becoming a recognized performer but also a songwriter for other performing artists, as well as for television and movies.

“The hardest part right now is because I’m young and new to the scene, I’m just getting my name out there and building up a fan base.”

Posy’s first EP, currently untitled, is expected to be released next year but until then you can keep up to date on her public performances by following her YouTube channel, Posy Jay and her Instagram: @Some_Girl_Named_Posy.

She recommends listening to her single “Roast Me,” which can be found on her YouTube channel.

– Jake Woods

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