‘Stace factor

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Dave Sawchuk is an instructor at NAIT’s Radio and Television Arts program but we’re not focusing on him or his story. We’re focusing on his handsome moustache, which he’s grown out in support of Movember. This is the moustache’s story:

“I’m currently involved in the electrician program, in my second year. I believe in freedom; I believe in opening the door for the ladies; and in recycling. I believe in bike lanes and I’m a feminist!”

Looking back on its deep past, the moustache explains: “I was a young man, active in the tap dance community, really hoping to go pro. Turns out it’s tough to get a gig, so I turned to the trades, like a lot of handsome moustaches do.

“I found a lot of camaraderie in the electrical business, found a lot of opportunity and thought to myself: ‘I look good with a pair of side cutters.’ I’m a man who likes a Morette or two. So I thought, ‘let’s go for it,’ and here I am in my second year of electrical.”

As some advice to the students at NAIT, the moustache says, “Stay in school, but not too long. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

Lastly, the moustache was urging me to include the final Movember event into the article; it thoroughly believes in supporting men’s health, and says you should, too!

“The final [Movember] event. It’s the big wrap-up, so obviously I’ll be getting a lot of sleep the night before, waxing heavily in the morning. It is the NAIT Mo wrap-up, Sho Yo Mo, on Nov. 30, from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., in the CAT Building.

Be there, and hold the door for a lady on the way.”

– Brynn Lipinski

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