Speed Dating

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By Nicholas Hotte


Speed dating is possibly one of the best places to meet new people. Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t we meant to find partners at those events? Yes, and you totally can, but no one will click just by talking for a bit. Speed dating is there to help you build those connections to hang onto. Like Tinder: if you swipe, then they swipe, you continue the conversation and let the rest take its course! But unlike Tinder, you get a much better understanding of who they are. Now Tinder is great, don’t get me wrong…but it can be misleading sometimes.

On February first, I went to a mix and mingle event at the Urban Tavern. While looking around, all I could see were smiles and welcoming people. At first, I had a mindset that I shouldn’t intrude anyone’s conversations. Everyone there was over the age of twenty-five or so and while I’m still pretty young, I felt that I might be judged for my age, while in fact it was the very opposite.

After I was invited to a table, I started to see how friendly and welcoming everyone was. It was as if no one cared if they’d leave this event with a date or not, they just wanted to have a good time. I talked with a few people about why they attend these events. Daniel Renuald, a regular attendee, said friendships are born at events like these.

I had a talk with Connie O’Boyle, the organizer of this event. She facilitates these events because there is a need to meet other people. She said that Tinder doesn’t compare to these events, as it misses a lot of the in-between stuff that sparks a connection. Having a real conversation and meeting someone in person, before you meet them online is just a more efficient and safe way of meeting new people. Texting and reading then going straight to a one on one meetup can be awkward or misleading. Connie also said that many people that have attended her events end up not showing up anymore because they met someone at one of her events, which says a lot about how creative and friendly these events are. She has done many other speed dating events and even other types of relationship building events. It’s good to not just consider speed dating as there are many other games and events that are very similar.

Connie is having a dating game event on February 10th. If you’re single and looking to meet new people, have a fun night, and possibly spark a future relationship, speed dating just might be for you!

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