Speed dating: a quick way to connect, or lose interest?

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Arts & Life

By Roy Raphael Navarro

Valentine’s Day always brings anxiety about your relationship status. For those who are single, the weeks leading up can turn into a search for that special person to celebrate with. Students looking for something new might consider trying speed dating.

Speed dating allows people with varied interests to get together and be put through a mix-and-match conversation. But the catch is that your conversations The catch is that your conversations are limited by time. They are only six-minutes long, and then you are onto the next person. But in the age of dating apps, is six minutes enough to connect with someone, or is it just another way to lose interest? 

I personally think that it’s more in the middle.

I attended NAITSA’s speed dating event on February 10th, and met multiple people, all with different interests and hobbies. Surprisingly, even though there was a six-minute limit to talk with them, there were some people there that I felt I made a genuine connection with.

Creating a connection in a short period of time was easy because the people that I enjoyed talking with had a similar personality as me. It was easy to find things to talk about and ask questions because the person on the other side was participating with enthusiasm. 

Though the randomness of speed dating makes it a daunting and somewhat scary event to join, it’s that randomness that allows you to cherish the person you end up making a connection with. If you’re going to give it a shot, make sure you go all in. It’s only worth doing if you give the process a genuine chance. 

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