Small business reaches international customers through Tik Tok

by | May 17, 2021 | Arts & Life

Starting a business at any given time is hard, but adding a pandemic to that doesn’t make it any easier. Charlize Murray, a small business owner, has turned to TikTok to help get her cosmetic business off the ground.

“Honestly, overall, [out of any] advertising app, TikTok has been the best I know [of]. It’s reached out to so many people all around the world. I’ve [made] shipments out to Germany [and the] UK,” said Murray.

With other apps like Instagram, there is an added push to be involved and interactive with users to have any growth in your platform. TikTok is unique. It allows a broader outreach which makes it easier to engage your audience and to build your business.

“I felt that Instagram wasn’t quite enough to get me started. You have to take a lot of time to sit on [there] and go through [to] find all the other small businesses and try to interact. But with TikTok, when you do post, it’s just such a big audience, you get so many people,” said Murray.

Having a platform of over 23 thousand followers on TikTok, Murray has been able to broadcast her small business all over the app. She has gained many positive reviews on her products, which has motivated her to continue expanding her brand.

Murray has found success connecting with other small business owners too.

“When [they] reach out, it helps a lot. You do either a little ‘treat’ or a little ‘purchase for a purchase’ kind of thing,” said Murray.

Tik Tok Stream Charlize Cosmetics
Photo via @charlizecosmeticsx Instagram

“It helps both of you get new customers and get you that advertisement and a review.”

Murray’s cosmetic business, along with many others, is flourishing because of TikTok, and she encourages anyone trying to reach new clients and make their brand known, to take a swing at the app. There’s no telling how big it could get.

Charlize Murray’s TikTok can be found at @charlize.murray.

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