Simple Spells For A New Semester

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By Stephanie Swensrude

Witchcraft is an ancient art with roots deeply intertwined with cultures around the world. Modern-day witches practice in many ways, ranging from a quick affirmation before bed, to creating love spells with rainwater and herbs, to performing rituals under a full moon.

“Every thought is a prayer and every word is a spell.”

With so much evidence confirming that our mindset directly influences our success, it is a great idea to look into some simple spells, herbs, and sigils that may remind you of your potential for success in this upcoming school year.

Grounding, Focus Spell

For this spell, you’ll need:
– a large rock (optional)
– basil, for productivity
– mint, for energy and vitality
– rosemary, for memory
– paper
– pen
– something to tie with (ex. string)

Write on the paper an affirmation that makes you feel grounded and focused. “I am disciplined, I can work hard, I am immune to distractions.” Note: try to always use the positive version of the phrase. For example, I wanted to write “I won’t get distracted”, but the positive version of the phrase that I wrote will be more effective.

Take the herbs and put them on the paper while imagining yourself being focused and productive. Take a few moments to really put this image into the parcel.

Tie the packet together, and if using a rock, tie it to the rock. I like using a rock because I hold it in my lap while I’m working. It is a constant reminder of my intent to be focused and the weight of the rock really helps me feel grounded.

Keep your spell on your desk if you are doing virtual classes. Every time you look at it, it will remind you of your affirmations.

Pre-Study Bath

For this ritual, you will need:
– 1-4 white candles
– jasmine essential oil, for creativity and confidence
– lemon juice, rind, or essential oil, for clarity and memory
– a bathtub

Start by charging your candles with your intent. Say you have a test coming up and you’ll be studying. Hold the candle in your hand and say out loud, “I have all of the knowledge I need for this test.” By saying the affirmation in the present tense, you trick your body and mind into believing it’s already true.

Once you feel the candles are ready, light them. Add the jasmine and lemon to the bath water. Take time in the bath to repeat your affirmation.

This ritual should put you in the right headspace to get a ton of effective studying done.

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