Short Story: Drifter Part 3

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Arts & Life, Entertainment, Uncategorized

By Nicholas Hotte

“I’m sorry Jhin,” I said as I got on my horse. I needed to do this alone, maybe they’ll leave you and Carson alone.

“Why do you need to do this alone? Let me come with you Sandy.” I took a moment to look at Carson.

“Take care of him for me Jhin…”

I rode off. I noticed Jhin got on his own horse to catch up, but he had no chance in finding his way to me. I hightailed it towards the only place I knew the Dusted Levis would be.

After a three day ride I finally arrived. This had to be the place, I thought. A small old run down town where we used to meet. I wonder if he’s here waiting for me. Maybe I can convince him to leave us alone.

I entered the run down hotel, “Hello? Marco, I know you’re here!”

The room stayed silent for a moment until a raspy voice echoed from the corner of the room.

“It’s great to finally see you again. You look so much older Sandy.”

The man ignited his cigarette lighting up the dark room. “It’s been awhile. How have things been?” I said.

“Good, until you pulled your stupid stunt,” he replied.

I should have really sucked up to him, but I couldn’t stand him and his pretending to be an old friend of mine.

“Marco… I came to tell you I’m done with that life. I had a good run with your gang but that’s in the past. Please, just let me live peacefully with my family,” I begged.

Marco stayed silent and stared with a confused glare.

I continued. “Don’t you remember all the things I’ve done with you guys?”

Before I could even finish he interrupts, “and how you abandoned us.”

Marco stands up and walks right in front of me. “Listen Sandy. Your family is going to die, and there’s nothing you can do about sweatheart.”

How was I so stupid to believe I could convince this trash. I just wanted protect my love, our child. I’m truly sorry Jhin. I guess I’ll have to go with plan B.

I pulled out my gun and fired.

The last thing I remember was a loud bang… a tremendous amount of pain. But in a quick moment, I soon felt nothingness.

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