Rainy or smoky day blues? 6 films to watch when you’re stuck inside

by | May 13, 2024 | Entertainment

Summer is a time of adventure to get out of your comfort zone and go on a vacation. It can be anything from a cabin in the woods, an island resort or even a weekend vacation. But sometimes summer has a rainy day, and you might be lost on what to do. Well, the clear answer is that you should watch one of these movies:

1. Scooby-Doo (2002)

A group of four friends and a talking dog are hired to solve the mystery that haunts a mysterious resort island. The scrappy sleuths discover the spooky secrets that supernaturally empower the sinister scoundrel, often considered one of the most sinful specimens of the Scooby universe until 2023 when “Velma” aired.

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2. The Menu (2022)

Sometimes you want a day trip to an island and a great meal. This masterpiece of horror, tale of revenge or even a dark comedy to some, is about a celebrity chef, Julian Slowick (Ralph Finnes), exposing the toxicity of a kitchen to its customers. He kicks it up a notch with a surprise lemon twist you do not see coming…unless you have worked in a kitchen.

the menu screenshot

3. The Great Outdoors (1988)

It is a classic John Candy and Dan Ackroyd comedy about a family man trying to relive his childhood family vacations until his yuppie brother-in-law invites himself and his family along. Like most 80’s comedies, The Great Outdoors is full of unfortunate mishaps with a heart-warming moment in the last act.

the great outdoors

4. EuroTrip (2004)

Scotty doesn’t know what the hit song from this movie would be. In this film, a group of high school friends head off to Europe for love, drugs and sex. Any teenage boy who had a crush on the strong warrior princess known as Xena (Lucy Lawless), had strange feelings when she showed in Eurotrip up as a femdom madame of a brothel. This movie also teaches why people should use the classic green, yellow, red light safewords instead of ‘fluggaenkoecchicebolsen.


5. Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007)

If sex-filled teenage romps are not your thing and you prefer a solo introverted train trip, perhaps you will enjoy this film featuring the British mime and scrappy Mr Bean. While not a true mime, Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) was the feature show for many underage people of the 90’s on New Years Eve. It’s great to see him in this train adventure, despite accidentally kidnapping a child.

mr bean's tie is stuck in a baguette machine and he pulls at it

6. Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

Summer is not over until a weekend trip over Labour Day. This classic dark comedy movie is about a toxic boss who tries to frame his employees but dies from a drug overdose. The two employees, not knowing any better, try to pass the corpse off as alive, from waterskiing to an accidental necrophilia incident. At its core, it is a tale about that one group member we have to carry in a group project, but more humorous.

four people sit on a beach. one guy in the back looks like he is asleep.

Some jokes in these movies may have aged like a dead boss on a long weekend, but they’re all great ways to kill a rainy day or one when it’s too smoky to go outside. 

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