Alumni helps business owners potential in online world

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Arts & Life

NAIT alumni, Garrett Fleck, started Reputed Marketing with the aim of helping business owners succeed with online marketing, shortly after completing his Bachelor of Administration in 2017.

Reputed Marketing focuses on three main pillars; relevance, reputation, and results. With businesses struggling to understand marketing online, Reputed Marketing provides clarity on how businesses become relevant and reputable to ensure that they get results.

A strategy of a plan to follow and implementing the idea is the way they see results when helping their clients. They act as the stepping stones to the path of success.

“We would work with you to get a plan in place and then we execute that plan. We hold your hand effectively through the process to figure out your voice, your positioning, and where and how you would like to market. We do research on our end to make sure you are going to be effective in the areas you want to market to,” said Fleck.

Fleck and his team aim to not only guide business owners to find their own position but also be effective in the long term.

“We report into the future to make sure that the things we are doing are effective, and if they’re not, we pivot to make sure they are effective,” said Fleck.

“Our biggest positioning variable is that we focus on one business per market per industry. For instance, we would only have one plumber in the Edmonton area. We will never have more than one company”.

Reputed Marketing offers a lot of insight and opportunities for businesses in the online marketing world. However they feel the most important message they have is to stay true to what the business wants to accomplish as well as being open to venture out.

“Don’t fake it till you make it. Be true to yourself. Make sure you do have a digital marketing strategy, and as well as experimenting with different channels and areas to see what’s most effective for you and your business. Don’t throw money at the wall and see what sticks, just have a plan in place,” said Fleck.

There are definitely struggles for business owners to maintain their foot in the fast-changing online world. Reputed Marketing hopes to not just be a service but a potential bond that will stand by business owners every step of the way.

“We treat everyone like family, we’re never just a business in a portfolio. We make sure we have a relationship with you as a business owner. My phone is always open, and I don’t hide behind assistance. Relationships are key, and making sure that you are able to talk to anyone at any given time is imperative,” said Fleck.

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