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by | Oct 14, 2021 | Arts & Life

Kyra Chrumk is a NAIT business student and the president of the Pride at NAIT club, a warm and welcoming environment to make friendships that last a lifetime. 

“It’s a safe space for the community of queer people at NAIT and also straight allies, if they want to be a part of it. We strive to create a safe and fun place for people to just hang out and be able to feel accepted and welcomed,” said Chrumk

Pride at NAIT is the queer-straight alliance on campus. They meet every Monday at 6 pm on Discord. The club is a safe space for anyone to join. Students can find out about Pride at NAIT, and other clubs, at the NAIT clubs showcase on October 19 and 20th from 11am – 1pm in the CAT building.

“[it’s] a great experience for people to go in and take a look around. Even if you don’t talk to people, you can see them and get the vibe of  what this club is about and the people that I will be meeting and talking to if [people were to] join those clubs,” Chrumk explains.

During Pride at NAIT’s weekly meeting, they have all kinds of interactive activities to join. They will play games, online games, have movie nights and painting nights where they will put on a Bob Ross video and each person will do their own paintings. They said the paintings can be done on a canvas, or on Microsoft paint. 

CJ Pirtle is a member of the Pride at NAIT club and says it’s a great place to relax.

“I love that we get together and just play games every week. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a good stress reliever to get my mind off of homework and stuff,” said Pirtle

To Pirtle, as well as other members of the club, the club is an important part of their NAIT experience.

“Well, for me personally, it means that I have a safe place to hang around the people who are just like me, people who share the same values and pretty similar experiences as myself. It’s just a… it’s a safe place to hang out really,” said Pirtle

They want people to know that the group of people in the club are friendly and welcoming.

“We’re all very kind but we’ll welcome you in with open arms, open hearts, open minds and we will try to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible.”

Joining the club is as easy as finding Pride at NAIT on instagram @prideatnait, on and on discord.

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