Persian-Canadian comedian sets out on first tour across Canada

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Arts & Life

After eight years of refining his daddy jokes, opening shows and posting hysterical social media content, Persian-Canadian comedian Neema Naz, 27, sets out on his first tour across Canada from September 14th to October 22nd, 2022. Performing his “I’m Your Sugar Daddy” set, he’ll eventually make his way to Edmonton’s Grindstone Theatre on September 21st and 22nd

Despite the title of his tour, Naz isn’t open to sugar daddy offers quite yet. 

“I don’t have enough money to be a sugar daddy—maybe one day. One of the jokes I have in my tour set that I’m doing is about a sugar daddy, but it’s about my dad,” Naz said. 

While few jokes here and there are devoted to his pops, a larger portion of them hones in on his speciality—cultural and observational jokes. 

“I’m very observant in the small details in people and things in general in life, and so that’s the things I pick up on the most,” Naz said. 

“When I think something’s funny, even when it’s terrible at the time, I’ll just write it down in my notes on my phone as an idea for a new joke and then I’ll go back to it later.”

“[The jokes come from] my whole career pretty much until this point, but there’s still some of the jokes, most of the jokes, that I have developed over the past year, two years or three years, for the most part. But it takes a lot, it takes a long time,” he said. 

Over the years Naz has performed at comedy clubs in Toronto, and even travelled around the world, performing in shows in Australia, the United States and even in Germany. But this marks his first ever “headline-national tour.” 

“I’ve done a bunch of shows like that [opening]. And those are all great in their own way, but to do my own headline-national tour, for the first time, is very exciting for me and a big challenge because now everybody is coming to see me, not just I’m just on the show.”

“I want them to have the best experience of a night out that they can ever have at a stand up show. I want them to feel like they got their money’s worth, that they saw what they really wanted to see; especially, if they come to see me personally just because they like my content, I want them to get that fix of Neema Naz,” he said. 

In a CBC news article, the comedian’s been likened to Canadian-born Russel Peters and he reportedly receives more likes on social media than comedians Amy Schumer and Trevor Noah. 

Naz tours to Edmonton on September 21st at 9p.m. and on the 22nd at 7 and 9p.m. He’ll be performing at the Grindstone Theatre, which is located at 10019 81 Ave NW. Comedians Andrew Packer and Marc Anthony Sinagoga will also take the stage. 

Tickets are available on his website

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