Passion turned into a job

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Arts & Life

By Destiny Meilleur

Making money doing something you’re passionate about isn’t something that happens everyday.

For one NAIT student, he gets to share his love and passion for Star Wars as a children’s party entertainer.

Joshua Gwozdz, a Radio and Television student, works for Princesses in the Park. He dresses up as a Stormtrooper and a Jedi. 

“Not a lot of people can make any money off of something that they’re passionate about. So I guess I’d say I’m pretty lucky in that sense,” said Gwozdz. 

“If you love getting dressed up and being the character, it’s not really work and you get paid for it, so it’s fun,” Gwozdz said.

Gwozdz loves sharing his passion with children and helping their dreams come true. 

“Well, the most rewarding thing is helping the kids and making their day better,” said Gwozdz.

He does all kinds of events like birthday parties, block parties, and community events. At these events sometimes all Gwozdz does is take pictures with children and some adults too, but others he is doing crafts, playing games, and singing happy birthday with a group of happy children. 

“The best part about it is getting to dress up as a character that you like because not every little girl gets to dress up as a princess, not every little boy gets to dress up as a superhero and have other kids treat them like a superhero,” said Gwozdz. 

“Seeing the kids actually believe that [you are the] character is something else.”

Sharing Gwozdz’s knowledge and passion for Star Wars is exciting and he gets to bring out a bit of his inner child while at work. 

Gwozdz’s love for star wars stems from when he was a child and his dad would give him his old collectable Star Wars toys to play with. Gwozdz said he never really grew out of it.

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