Parallel In The Park: Pairing Crisp Beers With Park Cheers

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Arts & Life

Myles Myron Myroon
Since May, 2021 responsible alcohol consumption became permitted at 47 picnic sites across 7 parks in the River Valley as a pilot project that will run until October 11, 2021. Not sure which drinks to bring? Here’s a selection of local brews to pair with your favourite city park.


Parallel 49 Trash Panda Beer

Photo via Parallel 49

Whitemud Park

Walking through the trails will make you feel like you are outside of the city, especially with all of the nature you might see. Lots of squirrels, beavers, coyotes, birds, and you might even see some deer if you’re drinking at dusk or dawn! Although you won’t find any racoons in the ravine, don’t let that stop you from bringing a Trash Panda Hazy IPA on your hike. The big, juicy, fruity aromatics of this beer will help cut any foul musk you smell in the air, while amplifying any damp musk in the air.

Parallel 49 BodhiSattva Beer

Photo via Parallel 49

William Hawrelak Park

Our city’s giant park off Groat Road is the host site of the Triathlon, Heritage Days, The Shakespeare Festival and many more events. They are all enjoyed even more when the tropical fruit flavours of this tart wheat beer bring out your inner bodhi.
For those who don’t know, a Bodhisattva is an individual who postpones Nirvana in order to help others achieve enlightenment.
The beer starts with a lacto base, plus wheat and pilsner malts, which then get aggressively dry hopped to create our unique sour white ale that always tastes crisp and clean around the Heritage Amphitheater.

Filthy Dirty IPA Parallel 49

Photo via Parallel 49

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is named in honour of Queen Victoria. Whenever I read about the Queen Victoria, I got the impression that she was a very Filthy Dirty little IPA. She was clean, crisp, and a strong woman with a nice malty backbone. There are piney & floral flavours that match the natural surroundings with a clean Orange and Grapefruit finish. Filthy Dirty comes in a deceptively strong 7.2% ABV which quickly gets you into the zone for throwing some ringers at the horseshoe pits!

Goldbar Park

Parallel 49 Craft Lager

Photo via Parallel 49

One of Edmonton’s best parks, meet one of Canada’s best beers.

It’s easy to see the wastewater treatment plant and think twice about visiting Goldbar Park, and if you do, you’ll be missing out! Full of majestic trails and photogenic scenery, it’s the place for hikes and picnics! Goldbar is so pristine in fact, it deserves a Gold Medal beer! I introduce to you the 2x Winner of Canada’s Best Lager, Parallel 49s Craft Lager.

This light, clean, crisp and refreshing lager is refreshing from dawn until dusk. At the moment drinking in the park is only allowed in the summertime, but once it’s allowed in the winter, the cool weather will amplify the crispness of this beer!

Cross the footbridge above the river and you’re in Rundle Park, AKA, Jerkface Territory.

Jerkface 9000 Parallel 49

Photo via Parallel 49

Rundle Park

Disc golf, a great beer in hand and an even better trash talking game. Rundle Park is screaming at you to grab a 6 pack of Jerkface 9000 and enjoy Edmonton’s best disc golf courses! If you can’t hang on the disc golf course, there are also paddle boats, baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, beach volleyball & tennis courts. All games that are more fun when you’re breaking balls. Jerkface is an easy drinking American wheat ale dry hopped with Mosaic Hops. Juicy, citrusy, tropical, and floral notes give this beer a very flavourful hop punch with a light refreshing body.

Laurie Park

Peach Bod beer parallel 49 brewery

Photo via Parallel 49

Laurie Park was upgraded a couple of years ago and is worth revisiting if you haven’t been. You are missing out on a hidden gem, like the Peach Bod Sparkling Peach Ale. Both the beer and the park are clean and refreshing with fruity, juicy trails to walk, run, bike and sip on. The Park has many look out points, picnic tables and fire pits that are best enjoyed with this sparkling peach ale. There is a light peach aroma, taste and tartness and high carbonation. This delight will have you feeling refreshed… and thirsty for more!

This Sparkling Peach Ale is only around until the end of summer, so get it before it’s gone!

Trike beer Parallel 49

Photo via Parallel 49

Government House Park

The perfect park for a BBQ by the river! But be warned, the best tables are taken quickly so it’s best to arrive early! And if you’re going to be there nice and early, it’s smart to start the day with a low 3.5% ABV Tricycle Radler. Many call it the drink of champions! Wide trails make it easy to ride a tricycle, bicycle or unicycle, and there are plenty of BBQ Fire pits when you need to refuel! Craft Lager blended with Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice creates this super thirst-quenching beer. It’s a refreshing summer hybrid and acts like rocket fuel for your leisure time!

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