Orientation returns to in-person

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Arts & Life

With COVID-19 cases decreasing in the province, NAITSA and NAIT have teamed up to offer students in-person and online orientation. The online orientation will be accessible on the NAIT website and is available year-round, while the in-person events take place at the NAIT Feltham Centre (CAT) from August 30th to 31st. 

Unlike most in-person orientations, this one centres on not only new students but any students in need of it. Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures at this time last year, many students have never stepped foot on campus or learned about the perks of their student benefits plan. 

“It’s great to be online, but you can’t beat that interaction and that excitement and engagement with students,” said Gerald Hayes, NAIT VP Student.

“For this year especially, I think [in-person orientation will] be really important. There are so many students who haven’t come to NAIT and just have never been on campus, have never been able to use any of the services in-person and have never been able to have that campus-life experience,” Tyleen Saison, NAITSA VP Internal.

As per the college experience, on-campus orientation commences with an official welcome from the NAIT president and executive team and from NAITSA’s student elected. “It’s important to feel welcome and a part of the NAIT family,” said Hayes. 

Following the speeches, students will venture on a guided tour around campus to 15 critical spots, flagged by students. An interactive activity then follows, allowing students to interact with others and make friends before classes officially begin on September 1st. Each event finishes with a free lunch, including hamburgers, pizza and veggie burgers. 

Photo via NAITSA

“It’s always a really great opportunity for students to get acquainted with campus, meet some new friends, get some new information, get some free food or free stuff. It’s always really fun,” said Saison.

“[In-person orientation] is a really great chance to know what are the services on campus right away, so that you’re able to use them throughout the full year and are not kind of stumbling upon them halfway through the year.”

Saison and Hayes encourage students to attend in-person orientation as it helps with making friends, locating classes and learning how to stay involved during the year. They say it’s also a way to overcome those initial whelms that often bog down students, like finding classes or conversing with others. 

Photo via NAITSA

If you are unable to attend, the online orientation is available and provides some general information about NAIT. Further information will be available in the NAITSA student handbook, and it can be accessed online or at the student office. 

Saison also invites students to the Ooks Life Conference, taking place on September 6th and 7th at the CAT building. While there, students learn more about campus life and gain an opportunity to network with others.

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