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As the holidays approach, many of us stress out about having to work out the turkey, treats and other unhealthy goodness that comes with Christmas consumption. So, each of the editors have a short explanation of how you can limit the number of pounds put on over the break. Enjoy.

Josh Ryan, Sports Editor

It’s simple. Grab some skates, a hockey stick and head out the front door! Seriously, there’s no better way to stay active during Christmas than to head down the pond, lake or outdoor rink for a game of shinny. The requirements are simple – adequate clothing for cold weather, one hockey stick (check if it’s a lefty or righty unless you want to take every shot with your backhand), skates and head wear. Even if you’re a gifted skater or stick handler, it’s a great time with friends, family and sometimes complete strangers. And when things pick up, it utilizes both upper and lower body strength along with being a fantastic cardiovascular test. Plus, the harder you go, the more warm you’ll be. It’s easy to burn hundreds of calories after even 30 minutes of fast paced action in the good ol’ hockey game.

Taylor Braat, Editor-in-Chief

Over the season, it can be easy to over indulge, especially if you’re a wine fanatic like my family and me. Passage into our house requires a wine bottle and everyone takes part in the drunken board games. All this on top of Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve snacks and endless Baileys and coffee on Christmas Day can throw off the healthy lifestyle we work so hard towards. I plan to combat the pre-New Year’s resolution pounds by attending spin class! It is one of the most challenging group workouts but what’s nice is that you can adjust it to your own pace and everyone around you is going through the same thing. The upbeat electronic music, along with an inspirational instructor, will help get you to the end and, more important, to that “runner’s high.” Getting off the bike dripping in sweat will make you forget all about the cold weather outside and will balance all of the delicious food we get to eat with our loved ones.

Nicolas Brown, Issues Editor

Although we haven’t had many opportunities so far this winter, shovelling snow can be a great way to stay active during the winter. What better way to burn off those Christmas calories while also helping out around the neighbourhood? Whether it’s shovelling your elderly neighbour’s sidewalk for free or even earning a little extra cash, it’s a great way to stay active and make it a little safer to walk around in our winter wonderland. Plus, you get a chance to meet your neighbours.

Connor O’Donovan Entertainment Editor

Let’s face it, unless you’re a Facebook-posting, pre-workout chugging, vein-popping plate-geek, working out sucks. Staying fit takes extra motivation in the holiday season, when golden deep fried turkeys, Bailey’s-laced coffee and plush couches take greater precedence than ever over treadmills and stair climbers. The good news is, winter brings out an opportunity to exercise and have fun all in one sweaty-legged, rosy-cheeked package. That opportunity is the ageless activity of sledding. The trade-off is pretty simple. It’s party on the way down and business on the way up. The bigger the hill, the bigger the thrill and the bigger the climb back up. The pain and pleasure rise and fall in unison. Clambering back up the hill will increase your cardio while pumping up your quads, calves and more. A week or two of slopeschlepping and your glutes will be so sculpted you can swap out your baggy mom-snowpants for those spandex neon beauties that have been hanging out in your dad’s closet for the last 30 years. You can even bring the Bailey’s with you if you want but, remember, drink and sled responsibly.

Nugget Editors

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