Ntwali Roars

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Arts & Life

By David Madawo

YEG musician Ntwali Edmonton freestyler

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If you’ve ever had a chance to listen or see Ntwali perform, you’d know that not only is he a skilled collaborator but a master at freestyling as well. In fact, Ntwali has freestyled on a number of features and singles, including live performances and busking at the Fringe Festival this summer.

However, after a year of just performing and not releasing a project, he has finally announced that he’ll be releasing his new album, “Vintage Simba” this upcoming November.

“It’s a very different style, it’s something new. This is my best work and I’m only 23,” said Ntwali

“Vintage Simba” was inspired by the likes of 70s musicians such as Curtis Mayfield, Sly and the Family Stone, Marvin Gaye and James Brown.

The album is expected to feature a few local artists. Ntwali said while recording and writing this project, he spent a lot of time listening to 70s music, hence the name Vintage Simba.

He wants his fans to know that he is finding his own niche and that a lot of things will be changing with his music.

Ntwali also has three film projects attached to the album. A documentary and two music videos that were shot in the mountains of Banff this summer. All three are being produced by local film company Gateway BLVD.

If you want to meet Ntwali in person and see him perform his new album, he will be having an album release party on Nov 2 at off of Jasper Avenue. Other performers that night will be Rico, Kuzi Cee and Drew Siko.

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