Not coke … but cocoa

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Arts & Life

We live in a world that is always changing, rearranging and exchanging. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised when you find an upgraded equivalent of your favourite product, used for other purposes
by a different country.

Think about it. Nintendo used to have the game market cornered till Microsoft came along (but now, Sony’s on top, so the ball goes back to Japan), we’ve gone from having gargantuan mobile phones to having personal computers in our pockets and now, the world has snortable chocolate. The term “nose candy” now has a very literal meaning.

I’m 100 per cent serious, too! I looked it up multiple times to make sure I wasn’t getting Onion’d. This stuff has made its way to Vancouver and now, you can head on down to Licorice Parlour and do a “bump” of chocolate for $2. The idea originated in Europe and after a candy store owner experienced it, she decided that everyone back home needed to as well. Hmm, someone went to a foreign country, snorted something and brought back large amounts for others to experience … I feel like that’s happened once or twice before.

The story may be old, but the method is very new. Rather than busting out your favourite piece of foreign currency that’s permanently rolled into a little tube, this stuff comes with its own contraption called a “chocolate shooter.” Think of it like a reverse mouse trap, you press down on two little platforms, sprinkle your cocoa on them, then press a button and it flies
up your nose! It’s literally two little shots. I won’t lie, when I first heard about this, I envisioned a bunch of morbidly obese folks crushing up an Aero bar then breaking out a $100 bill and doing lines of it but I assure you the intranasal consumption of chocolate is far more sophisticated.

Now a lot of you are probably asking “why would anybody snort chocolate when they can just eat it?”

Well, here’s what a friend told me … yeah, a friend. When a substance enters your nasal cavities, the taste will enter the back of your throat and you taste it for a period of time. I’ve heard this experience be referred to as “the drips,” not that I would know. So essentially when chocolate enters your sinuses, you end up getting subtle tastes of it for longer periods of time. That’s not the only plus, though.

Snorting chocolate allows your body to experience chocolate without the caloric intake and that’s awesome! So it hits all the same pleasure receptors in your brain, you taste it for longer and you don’t even get fat!

I’ve got my chocolate shooter coming in from Belgium as we speak and I highly recommend you do the same. You can be a part of a new trend, experience chocolate for longer than it takes to eat it and hey, you won’t be the first person to lose weight by snorting something! Snorting chocolate, it’s sure to take the world by storm, giving a whole new meaning to O.T. Genasis’s one and only famous lyric, “I’m in love with the cocoa.”

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