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CES 2018, also known as the Consumer Electronic Show, is an annual event hosted in Las Vegas every January. For the most of the world, it’s a showcase of the future, where the newest and most innovative technologies are shown off. These are items are that typically coming out in the near future or in a few years. In no particular order, this article will simply go over the top five items, ideas and concepts unveiled this year.

One of the biggest reveals, literally was Samsungs MicroLED TV, also known as The Wall. Yes, named The Wall, likely due to the fact that it is 146 inches long. Now what exactly is a MicroLED TV you may ask. Well, it’s simply made of smaller LEDs. This then allows the TV to produce its own light out of red, green and blue sub-pixels. Basically, smaller LEDs result in more LEDs, which can create a stunning, almost life-like picture. The Wall is projected to be released sometime during 2018.

Razer, a major company in video game peripherals, also has had a game changing unveil with the Project Linda. The project is still a concept but what it allows is to be a laptop that can also be a phone dock for the Razer Phone. Now this may seem limited to many but what this allows is for you to be able to work off the phone on the laptop and as well quickly charge it. This may spark interest in other developers like Apple, to possibly have this on the MacBook.

Tired of annoying cables when charging your devices? Well that won’t be a problem anymore with the Powercast’s Powerspot. What this will allow you to do is to charge your phone for example from three feet away wirelessly, possibly further. No charging pads are needed like most wireless charging devices nowadays. It can charge up to 20 devices, game controllers, tablets, basically any wireless device. The Powerspot will be available for purchase later this year at a price point around $60.

Microwaves are also getting a futuristic update. Whirlpool unveiled a microwave that can be Internet connected and compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows it to take voice commands but only for convection baking and heating up. You can also start up the microwave with the Whirlpool app. This is great for whenever your hands are full when busy in the kitchen.

More advances have been made when it comes to self-driving cars. Toyota believes this is the future of mobility with their latest, the Toyota Concept-i. It has a chauffeur mode where it’ll allow the passenger to sit back and relax while the car drives to its destination. It’s perfect for those who’d like an extra bit of sleep before heading into class or work.

– Matt Wozniak

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