New NAIT club focuses on art of drag

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Arts & Life

After struggling to find a way to start learning more about performing drag, Tee Galitzine, a Culinary Arts student, decided to start a NAIT club focused on the art of drag. “I felt like [starting a club] was a good place to start, especially since NAIT doesn’t have a lot of LGBTQ+ clubs,” said Galitzine, who uses they/them pronouns. “It would be nice to have a community and knowing that you are safe here at NAIT, even if you are a drag performer.” 

The club had it’s first info session recently, and although the turnout wasn’t what they expected, Galitzine is hopeful about the events they plan on hosting. “Hopefully we’ll be able to host a few performances at the Nest, also hosting bingo or trivia nights.” They also plan to host drag workshops for new performers. “We want to build a really good group of performers and artists, so it would be kind of unfair of us to throw them into a pit of wolves without any training or any knowledge.” 

Galitzine encourages anyone interested in drag to join the club, regardless of experience, gender or sexuality. “Drag is an art form. It isn’t just gay men who are performing. There are many cis women who perform, many straight men who perform, many non-binary people who perform,” they explained. “Anyone wo love the art and wants to feel like they’re part of a community, you should join, absolutely.” 

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