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NAIT Student's Association

NAIT Students’ Association Alumni

Your student’s association works hard to make NAIT an environment that is fun, supportive and connective. What you may not know is lots of the hard working individuals behind the organization are NAIT alumni.

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Chris Chelmick / Marketing 1996

Executive Director
What did you like best about your time as a student at NAIT?
“In the classroom it was the hands-on learning and quality of instruction. Outside of class it was my year as Editor-in-Chief of The Nugget that I enjoyed the most as it expanded my perspective exponentially and made me think critically about so many things I might otherwise have not.”

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Rechelle Eklund / Business – Finance Diploma 2015

Events Manager
What should new students know about NAIT/ NAITSA?
“Get involved, try something you wouldn’t normally do and push yourself. College is more than just exams and homework. You have the chance to make the best memories with new friends.”

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Jenny Lau / DMIT 2012

Communications Director
Why did you want to work with NAITSA after graduation?
“I really enjoyed my years at NAIT, and the students’ association helped me a great deal during my time here, when the posting came up, I felt like it would be great to work for a non-profit that I can give back to.”

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Katie Spencer / BBA (Marketing) 2017

Events Promotions Specialist
What do you think makes NAIT special or unique?
“The knowledge and experience that students get is unparalleled by university studies. The instructors at NAIT genuinely care about their students’ learning, and it makes a huge difference!”

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Licia Dantas / DMIT 2014

Web Developer
Why did you want to work with NAITSA after graduation?
“ Working for NAITSA was not in the plans after graduation, to be honest, I didn’t even know about NAITSA until I read the job posting. What brought me to NAITSA after graduation was the opportunity to be within NAIT facilities and close to where changes happens – the classrooms. I love the post secondary environment.”



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