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A number of years ago, James Seabrook was a student at NAIT’s Radio program. Now, 20 years later, he owns and operates his own recording studio right here in Edmonton. Recently expanded into two mixing studios, as well as a recording area for podcasts and voice-work, his team works full time with a list of over 130 clients. In 2008, Seabrook was working in the radio profession when the economic depression hit. He was laid off but soon found a course provided by Employment Insurance Canada on starting and running a small business. That was the moment Two Bodies of Water Productions started.

“I had already opened a studio and I was in a band that was right on the verge of success but also right on the verge of falling apart,” says Seabrook. “So I decided I could probably achieve some sort of success with both by diving head first into the music recording business. This time I had an extra decade of life experience, and felt more motivated than ever to finally do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is work with music and sound in a studio environment. I just had to make it myself.”

Following the small business course, Seabrook found a team of investors and built the studio from the ground up inside an old bus garage. Doors opened on Oct. 13, 2010.

Today, Two Bodies of Water Productions is over seven years old and the studio is busy all the time, open seven days a week.

Bringing it back to NAIT, Seabrook’s training in audio engineering, music production and recording technology flourished during his time in the Radio and Television Arts program. Looking back on the decision about 22 years later, he explains what led him to choose the two-year diploma course: “The schooling – NAIT [specifically] – helped me realize that my dream could be a reality. I went to NAIT wanting to work in a studio with music anyway –
that was my motivation for applying to the radio program – and it was NAIT that helped make sense of why I loved it and why I was so excited and focused on it.”

With a wide supply and diverse lineup of recording equipment and a collection of musical instruments available to all clients, Two Bodies of Water has everything a musician needs to master any type of track. From planning and preparation to recording, editing, mixing and mastering, Two Bodies of Water is ready for any artist, new or experienced, with affordable rates and professional-grade production. You can find them online at for all the information you need to get started.

– Bryn Lipinski
Photo by Alana Smears

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