NAIT LRT Station closed for summer months

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Photo by Aaron Wilmot

By: Jace Maki

The city announced that the NAIT LRT station will close from April 28 to August 30 while maintenance takes place on the Capital Line

Upgrade work is planned on the 66 street train tunnel between Coliseum and Belvedere stations. Trains will be running on a reduced schedule while the construction is completed. ETS will be running five-car trains system-wide to help offset the reduction and move more riders. Since NAIT’s station was designed to accommodate only three-car trains, service will be suspended to the station for four months.

“We understand the Capital Line frequency reduction and suspension of LRT service to NAIT will cause a temporary inconvenience for people travelling to and from north Edmonton. This work is crucial to maintain the safety and functionality of the Capital Line,” said Lloyd Meyer, Manager of LRT Operations.

ETS will not be running typical LRT replacement buses during the shutdown. People hoping to take the train to and from NAIT station will have to take the train to the Kingsway/ Royal Alex station then take the number 8 or 9 bus. NAITSA is disappointed with the decision to suspend service to NAIT.

“At least it’s happening after exams and it’s happening during the quieter time of the year but there are still students and staff here. So it’s really unfair to them. And I don’t know why it is that NAIT keeps getting the short end of the stick,” said NAITSA Advocacy Director Jason Roth.

The LRT disruption will still be in effect during NAIT’s New Student Orientation on August 27 and 28.

“It will absolutely affect student orientation because it’s during that week. So if it runs until August 30, there’s no doubt it will affect New Student Orientation,” said NAITSA Advocacy Director Jason Roth.

The Central LRT station will also close from April 6 to 27 for station lighting and ceiling tiles upgrades.

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