NAIT Grad Starts Business To Change Beauty Standards

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Arts & Life

MacKenzie Lockard’s photography is playful, yet reminiscent of upscale fashion magazines. She is passionate about female empowerment and exploring how she can use her skills to help others feel beautiful.

Tell us a bit about Mackenzie Lockard Photography.

I began my business after graduating NAITs Photographic Technology program in 2019. The purpose of my style of photography is to make the individual in front of the lens feel beautiful. There are so many beauty standards in the industry today and I want to make everyone feel beautiful with who they are and not an altered version of themselves.

Woman stands holding camera taking photo

Photo by MacKenzie Lockard

What program did you take at NAIT? 
I took the photography program as I wanted to not only learn skills but also create relationships and have mentors to confide in. It creates a sense of community when you are surrounded by like-minded people who can pull you out of your comfort zone and show you different perspectives.

Did your program at NAIT help you in your business?

The program really brought me out of my shell. I have always been a quiet and awkward person when coming into new situations, and while I still am to some degree, the photography program made me more confident in my abilities. It also helped me create a network prior to graduating, which is extremely nice in this type of work!

Are there any new events or plans for the future of Mackenzie Lockard Photography?
I would love to expand my photography into a magazine, focusing on female empowerment and self-love, creating outlets for females of all ages, showing them what they can accomplish and that women are more than just “pretty”.

Find Mackenzie Lockard on instagram @mackenzielockardphoto.

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