NAIT Grad Releases First Album: “Looking Myself In The Eye”

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Arts & Life

A NAIT grad and former entertainment editor at The NAIT Nugget, going under the stage name Ckimera, has dropped their first album, titled The Progenitor LP.

The full length album includes 12 brand new tracks and over 50 minutes of music. Each track is inspired by Ckimera’s life and experiences.

“For me, it’s very much looking myself in the eye and going, ‘okay, this is what you’ve been through. This is what your life has been. And this is what kind of made you into who you are,’” said Ckimera.

Without one set topic or concept, the entirety of The Progenitor LP instead takes on and tackles themes of love, loss and, most importantly, life.

Ckimera The progenitor full album

The Progenitor LP Album Cover | Photo via Twitter

“It’s kind of like really taking that stark look at yourself and trying to be honest with yourself of who you are, why do you feel the way that you do and trying to look at things from all sides and the duality of life. I wanted to, you know, take some of what we consider dark and bad, and celebrate it and have something that you can still survive or you can become strong from and to show that life is essentially worth it,” said Ckimera.

The first song ever written by Ckimera actually made the track listing, taking more of a slower, softer approach opposed to theopposed the rest of the more dance-pop songs. This piece is titled “Deanna”.

“It was sort of a tribute to someone I’ve never met, it was like my mom’s best friend growing up. And I think I wrote that song back when I was 15. And that’s more of a ballad,” said Ckimera.

The project is out after being inunder production for over seven years. Most of those years were spent working on writing and production.

“I started it seven years ago and had some life stuff get in the way, and then just money because Ii’m an ‘independent’, and everything’s very expensive. And I wanted to make it sound as professional as possible,” said Ckimera.

The Progenitor LP is currently streaming everywhere streaming is available, like Spotify, Google Music and Apple Music, as well as available for purchase on Bandcamp.

“I do have physical CDs in the works. They aren’t ready in time for the release, unfortunately. But I do want to get physical CDs out there. I’m hoping to get them into Sunrise Records across Canada, and maybe even over Amazon,” said Ckimera.

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