NAIT Club Saving The Bees One Hotel At A Time

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By Kallandra Weatherbee

The Biological Sciences Technology Club is selling pre-packaged bee hotels this year in an effort to protect the local bee population in Edmonton.

The club will be selling their custom made creations for $35 between January and March.

Ross Stevenson, vice president of the club, believes the bee-hotel project is a simple solution to creating more bee-friendly spaces.

“When you get this hotel, you put it up somewhere about three feet high off the ground and then let it sit over the winter because that’s the essential time when the bees are growing. Afterwards, just take out the contents, replace the straw and start over,” says Stevenson.

With a decreased Alberta bee population in 2020 due to a frigid winter, Stevenson believes we need to do our part in protecting the essential species.

Man holds handmade bee hotel.

Supplied photo.

“It might not be common knowledge to some people, but a lot of bee species and pollinators are in decline – whether that be from pesticide sprays or habitat loss due to urbanization. However, bees allow plant species to flourish throughout Alberta, so they’re kind of essential for having a healthy ecosystem,” said Stevenson.

Stevenson said setting up a bee hotel takes seconds and can help produce hundreds of bees. Bee hotels need to be set up at the start of winter so bees can find and lay their eggs in them.

Stevenson said that outside of buying or making a bee hotel, there are other ways to make your green spaces more bee-friendly.

“I’ve actually found out that bees are really attracted to a native plant species. So you know if you didn’t have money for a bee hotel or you’re an avid gardener, you could be planting more native plant species rather than your typical perennials,” said Stevenson.

Proceeds from the bee hotel sales will go to the Biological Sciences Technology Club to fund future events like conferences, educational opportunities, certifications and graduation.

Purchase a bee hotel here.

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